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Missed me?

Well here's something you haven't seen for the last... 4-5 months?!

I think I'm well enough to be back from my hiatus. I can't begin to tell how grilling this semester is.
My preparation leave starts in a week or two. College timings are from 9 to 3 so I have a little more time on my hands. Submissions, submissions, more submissions. Aaaargh!!! I hate this semester!!!

Oh and I haven't mentioned... I got first class in my first semester and no backlogs. :)

So, as we call it, I'm a 1/8th Engineer. :)
(but my dad prefers calling me a baby engineer)

I'm pretty sure I've been expelled from all sorting communities now but I really want to join Hogwarts Elite again. And maybe I will.

Here's so much to say but I really can't write it all now. Maybe later.

So, I have been reading my flist from time to time. I hope everyone is going fine.
Have a nice day. :)


Apr. 16th, 2007 10:43 am (UTC)
Aah, I deleted my orkut account. I never used to check it, so people would scrap me and then get offended when I didn't reply. So I thought the best solution was to get rid of it......

You can contact me on Y!M though, I'm always online.